I’m feeling down and I hate the sound of nothing

valentine’s day is tomorrow! thus, i made a new layout to sort of recognise this occasion though i’ve never celebrated it. isn’t evan, the guy in my layout, so smoking hot? :P tinggy quick agree with me!!! haha.

went back to school for 2 hours today. it was quite okay i guess. managed to grasp some key concepts. after that, tinggy and i went to town for some retail therapy! i’m so glad that i have not banked in my hong bao money yet. if not, it will be all gone today.

first, we went to nydc for lunch. their servings are always sooo huge.

i was so full, i wanted to poo. but i didn’t because i hate to poo in public toilets.

then, we went to forever 21. the clothes there reminded us of this guy which we do not want to name. lol. we reckoned that he may have bought his clothes from there but that’s like so wrong because forever 21 is for women only. we bought a top each just to use up the 20% discount coupon.

after that, it was kino time! i bought 3 comics + 1 novel. one of the comics that i bought was sooooper nice larh. the vampires in the book all looked so handsome!!! not only that, the storyline was also good. can’t wait for book 2.

bought more stuff at plaza singapura…

and that’s all for today. my feet is so aching right now.


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