I don’t know why I’m still waiting

i finally got down to studying after 3 days of slacking dead. it was quite fun actually. drawing out truth tables is like choosing numbers for lottery. not that i’ve actually bought a lottery ticket before. i’m still below 18.

anyways, i received a call from the school library today and they told me that i have returned the school library books to the national library. i think i was just too glad that i’m finally done with ides; i threw all the books in the bookdrop without even giving them a last look. so now i have to collect the books from the national library and return it to the school library by monday eek.

last but not least, a picture to brighten up my post:

Vampire Knight
huge grin heehee. this is my favourite manga at the moment. i think i have a crush crush on the grey-haired guy. he is so hot in the book larh ! the other guy is hot too but i still prefer the grey-haired guy more. by 1%? LOL.

alright. shall stop blogging about guys who do not exist. i’m tired yawn and there’s maths revision lecture tomorrow. bye~


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