Some things are far too good to go ahead and let go.

the exams are finally over. which means i can slack as much as i want. not that i haven’t been slacking tongue. lol.

so i’ve completed year 1 and i don’t think i have learnt anything much because we all forget everything during the holidays. imagine we have to apply what we’ve learnt during internship dead.

anyways, i think i’ll be working during the holidays? i’m waiting for tinggy to find me a job. haha! i’m a lazy bummy.

to the crazies!!! gonna miss you all – dajie’s cold jokes and super loud laughter, gwen’s motherly-ness , farma’s “hey bitches”/”bye freaks”. i don’t have to miss tinggy because i think i’ll see her pretty often? huge grin

alright! i’m going to slip into coma now. i wonder what time i will wake up tomorrow…


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