Your knuckles white, you try to fight

went out with tinggy for a comic spree today topsy turvy. i bought like 11 comics dead. if it wasn’t for my kino vouchers, i would be super broke by now.

i’m feeling really lazy now, so i won’t go into any details. i only remembered myself going in and out of different fast food restaurants 4 times without buying anything. lol!

by the way, i saw sam (from ex-pug jelly/current saw loser) on the way to heeren. thank you tinggy for pointing him out to me even though you didn’t know who he was. haha! seeing him so upclose was quite shiok. but i dare not go up to him for any photos/autograph because he looked so emo-fied. what if he told me to “go the fuck away, this is not a good time”? i will cry cry on the spot i tell you. actually that’s not the main reason why i didn’t want to go up to him. truth is, i feel weird chasing him in such a huge crowd of people who don’t seem to recognise him. lame excuse sneer. haha.

that’s got to be the highlight of my day. and i’m going to sleep now!


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