Restless souls

i’ve been rotting at home for the past few days and my mom has been pushing me to look for a job like crazy! although i’m bored and stinky (due to decomposition) i’m still in the i-don’t-want-to-do-anything mood. so basically, i spend my time on the computer everyday. mapling, chatting, watching, listening. bleh~

anyways, i went out with tinggy and momo (peachy-san =) for lunch today. had burger king!

we made this magnificent art piece after eating. lol it’s entirely made up of eco-friendly materials.

i’m starting to get sick of orchard but that’s where you can find everything and anything… ^_^ don’t tell me it’s not true okay!

wtf i just remembered that it’s my dad’s birthday today. shucks! and he left for work already. i think my brother forgot about it too. oh what unfilial kids we are. depressed


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