But now I sit here to remind myself

just had the urge to blog at such an ungodly hour. my biological clock is so screwed. i’ve been having my breakfast at 12 midnight. because when i wake up, it’s already lunchtime. so i have to slot in my breakfast time at night; 2 hours before i go to bed. i love milk too much to give it up. XD

here’s something random:

7 Known Things About Me
1. i love love love milk.
2. i talk about food every night.
3. i like to give people nicknames.
4. i can’t live without music.
5. i always procrastinate.
6. i’m always happy?
7. i can crap alot. (haha)

7 Lesser Known Things About Me
1. i have a pillow which is 17 years and 10 months old.
2. i can fall asleep while pee-ing.
3. i can make sushi! without my maid’s help. :P
4. my laptop’s name is lappy. (LOL)
5. i hate cockroaches. but i feel very satisfied when i manage to kill one.
6. sometimes, when i super duper bored, i take pictures of myself.
7. i’m actually quite an untidy person – clothes on the floor. table in a mess.

7 people that i want to tag
first off, if you don’t see your name here doesn’t mean i’ve forgetten about you. i’m only tagging frequent bloggers. haha. secondly, if you’re tagged and don’t feel like doing this thingy, it’s ok. i won’t force you. see, i’m so nice. :P
1. tinggy
2. gwen
3. puff
4. nutty
5. cherie! my cuzzie.
6. pongie. if you’re reading this. XD
7. anybody who’s feeling as bored as i am.


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