If you give it up, you’ll lose your mind

new layout featuring the all american rejects, one of my all-time favourite bands! despite that, i can’t say the same for this layout. i hate it. i decided to put it up anyway because the valentine’s day layout is like, way outdated. i promise i will change it as soon as i get back from japan!

yes! i’ll be leaving for japan tonight at 10.30pm. do miss me, ‘kay? =P

this trip was actually supposed to be my parents ??th honeymoon trip (too many to count). but my father (he rocks!) decided to bring me along because i said i wanted to come plus i’m also having my holidays. normally, i wouldn’t even bother to tag along. but since they’re going to j-a-p-a-n, i’m definitely in!

alright! i’m going off to see if i’ve left out anything. see you in 9 days!

before that, i just want to wish a huge HARPEE BIRTHDAY to my beloved farma!!! *kisses your face all over smooch* in 3 hours time, you will be 18 and can officially drink booze! *cheers*

p.s. good stuff (below). i think it’s for a limited time only. thumbs up


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