Will this ever end I’m hoping

went to fort canning park for a picnic with the cellies after school.

the feeling of red ants crawling up your legs and biting you even you’re wearing jeans and sneakers just sucks. big time. what do they gain by biting us anyway? a chunk of human flesh?

the picnic was great. i love reggie’s chicken and mango sandwiches yum. we talked about everything and anything under the sun. i mean, moon. i found out that jellyfish is made up of 95% water. lol.

tomorrow’s the election. i’m sooo glad i don’t have to vote (yet) because my parents are waking up at 8am to queue. no way i’m going to wake up THAT early. saturdays are for sleeping in, since fridays really drain me out. stupid apel.

bullet for my valentine – tears don’t fall


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