one eight

yes… i turn 18 today! among all the benefits i’ve received on this very day, i’m only attracted to the getting-my-driving-license part. (and maybe being able to watch M-18 movies also. haha.) but my parents just refuse to pay for my license because they paid it for themselves when they were my age. that’s their way of getting revenge!!! >_<.

met up with ginks, jo and edmund this afternoon. jo was absolutely crazy and noisy today. i have a video of her doing funny poses at the mrt station. that’s even worse than doing funny stuff in front of the cctv. :P

we had lunch at nydc. i find that the servings are abit smaller than usual today. how can they do that just because it’s a public holiday!!! that’s equals to the lack of consistency. LOL.


after that, we just walked around town. so boring… but i still love town despite that. haha. then we saw the characters from over the hedge outside the building next to heeren!!! so cute!!! so we took pictures with them. i think the people wearing the costumes are guys. because they seem so shy… they didn’t even put their hands on our shoulders larh. so unfriendly. HAHA!!! and ginks kept wondering if the guys inside are cute. =.=

at around 5, i left them and went to meet my parents for dinner. we ate at some shanghai restaurant in parco bugis junction. it’s not as nice as ding tai feng though. XD.

thank you ginks, jo, edmund and pei nee for the crown necklace!!! it’s abit big but i love it nonetheless. :)

and i bought myself a puma shoe bag. people buy shoe bags to put their sports shoes but i bought it for my formal shoes. LOL. i can’t stand wearing heels for the whole day. i live for comfort.

last of all, i also want to thank: tinggy, gwen, da jie, farma, puff, nut, ham, boony, vin, motong paps, frog paps, narisya, momo, w.papa, vialli, gurm, esli, shawn.k, jas sia, cher and ade for wishing me happy birthday! hope i have not forgotten anyone. )

mcfly – just my luck


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