No sleep on this flight

[EDIT] weeee!~ paul added me on friendster! XD [/EDIT]

yes!!! paul got into the semi-finals!!! okay i admit that i called him a retard due his eyes before but his voice really blew me off yesterday (and i voted for him!). He looks better with his hair covering his eyes though. :P he looks so emo. like billy martin. i like. however, he does not have an emo attitude (the standard no smile, i-want-to-kill-everyone look). i like even more!!! funny + emo = good combination. LOL. and i find that he looks a little bit like gerard way.

i realised that there were no rockers the last season unless you want to count sly in. But seriously he’s more of a beng rather than a rocker (no offence :P later da jie come box me). by the way, this season has two rockers! 1 male 1 female. XD

terence disappointed me larh. cute but voice not powerful enough. sigh.

so yeah. TWOHILL all the way. and don’t even try to convince me to like jonathan.

blink 182 – shut up


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