That’s some creepy shit

term tests are finally over and this marks the start of our 2-week holiday!!!

the first thing we did after our last paper was to catch a movie – the omen. it’s not exactly scary but it creeps you out. luckily i have tinggy and farma to huddle with. haha. most of the scenes are quite predictable so you should be able to prepare yourself mentally before it really happens.

after i got back, i actually read revelation in the bible. they did mention about the beast who has the number 666 and that he was given authority to rule every nation etc. so obviously they sorta used the bible as a source for their storyline. just that they made it so darn creepy. i need to watch paul twohill on youtube to wash the scences away. XD.

now that term test is over, i have nothing to do. actually, i have a lot of things to do but i’m just plain l a z y.

brand new – magazines


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