The best thing that I have

i’m back from camp!!! it was fun and amazing. and i just had steamboat + barbeque a few hours ago. i’m quite tired now so i’m not going to blog much.

i will definitely stay up if my house has the world cup channel (it’s the world cup fever, yo!). but today’s matches don’t really interest me. so i’ll give it a pass anyway. it’s so unfair that other countries get to watch the world cup for free whereas we have to pay. $#&%&*!. i think i may consider to follow jia hao’s suggestion and set up my own satellite dish to grab other countries’ channel. LOL. joker. i could actually go to one of my church friend’s houses to watch but my mom will definitely kill me. >_<

I WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD CUP LAH. i want to see fernando torres playyyy. sigh. and listening to my neighbours shouting goal goal goal doesn’t help either :(

snow patrol – hands open


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