Green tea ice cream with red bean paste rocks like WOAH.

i guess it’s time to update my blog after more than 1 week of stagnant-ness.

first of all, i want to thank our careperson, sankara, for the breakfast treat yesterday.

he really surprised us. i think his reason for treating us is because we made the effort to wake up so duper early just for apel at bloody 8am when our actual lessons only start at 1pm. but then again, the only reason we go for apel is the attendence. XD

went out with the crazies (minus farma) to take pictures for STMD. before we started on our “work” we went for a little window shopping at marina square. i’m so in love with marina square. it’s so big!!! i must must must must go there for a proper shopping next time.

we also took lots and lots of pictures with the help from…

since we borrowed it, we must as well use it to the fullest, right? XD. this is what we took with the use of the WONDERFUL tripod (which isn’t that wonderful because it scratches everyone’s cameras except mine :X).

aren’t we professional? hahaha. these were taken in one of the family rooms (which is actually a baby diaper changing room) at marina square. i think we spent about 45 minutes inside.

after that, we went to the supreme court and clarke quay to take pictures. singapore actually does have nice sceneries. just that it’s all man-made instead of natural.

2 hours later, we’re done taking pictures of the river and what-not. we pretended to be tourists and went inside fullerton hotel to use their gorgeous toilet.

when we went out, one of the doormen actually thought we were tourists from japan. LOL.

as we’re all lazy to walk, we took a cab back to marina square for some japanese dessert at:

the food on the menu looks good and it’s affordable too. we’re so going back next time.

will you look at that!!! it doesn’t just look good, it’s tastes so darn good too! heed my advice and try it too. you will not regret it.

alas, it’s time for me to go to bed. (“alas”… a very familiar word. oh oh oh! albus dumbledore always uses it. *imagines self with silver beard* woah hohoho. charming. actually i don’t think he always uses that word. only during HP1 after he ate a every-flavoured jelly bean. wahaha. so random =.=)

p.s. more pictures of the outing can be found at my dotphoto gallery.

cute is what we aim for – curse of curves


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