Aye oh, cheerio. bloom’s back is so hot.

AYE! pirate caught POTC : dead man’s chest with tinggy today. like, finally. have been wanting to watch it since it came out. it was good despite people telling me it has no storyline. some even said it’s boring. either they do not have a sense of humour or they haven’t watched a really bad movie before.

i on the other hand loved it so so much, i wouldn’t mind watching it again. although, staring at captain davy jones and his crew makes me want to puke. by the way, the after credits clip was not even worth the wait. =.= wasted my bloody time to see the dog crowned as the chief of the poopoo tribe. i already knew the dog was going to be the chief when they started chasing him. i thought it was going to be either something about jack or the pirate with the detachable eyeball doing something funny.

one question. so is elizabeth in love with jack sparrow or what? i’m confused. can’t wait for pirates 3.

paramore – pressure


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