birthday celebrations, presentations and a stupid movie.

i’m supposed to be mugging for SWEN now, but i just remembered that i promised myself to blog today. i don’t like to accumulate stuff anyway. so here it goes.

went out with the crazies yesterday to celebrate liam da jie’s 19th birthday! we went to ramen ten at far east for lunch and gelare for dessert.

one word of advise. never eat ramen at the ramen ten at far east. it sucks. the noodles are so powdery, it’s almost like eating clay noodles. other than the noodles, everything else tastes great.

after that, we just walked around town. no pictures of us this time because tripods are really required for times like these. maybe i shall hint my dad for one when there’s a sale or something. hahaha.

by the way, i forgot to add how difficult it was for us all to write in liam da jie’s birthday card. i blame it on her. when gwen asked her to go to the toilet, she refused. when i wanted to go to the toilet, she didn’t want to go with me. so what did we do? we went to mandarin hotel’s toilet and passed the card to each other under the toilet cubicles. we also had to pretend that tinggy and gwen were shitting but the actual fact is that they were writing the card in the cubicle. ARE YOU TOUCHED? LIAM DA JIE? we have to smell the toilet for so long just to write you the card.

as for today, i went to watch my super-ex girlfriend with tinggy and eric after my INMM presentation. it was a really lame show. lucky it was a free ticket. if not i will curse and swear for wasting 7 bucks on such a pathetic movie. sure, some parts are funny.. but it doesn’t have a really strong plot. i find it almost childish. my opinion. XD

alright! i shall continue mugging and peel my eyes off my laptop before i go to youtube and continue watching stairway to heaven.


AFI – love like winter


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