i’m a genius food inventor. LOL.

i cooked my dinner today. yes i did. a full meal with homemade dessert too. XD i’m so proud of myself. for the appetizers, i made cheese omelette with onions and tomatoes. main course was maggi mee. LOL. the dessert has got to be the best!

i call it the banatoast. it’s basically just toasted bread with bananas and ice cream. i toasted the banana together with the bread and it came out a little black. it tastes like goreng pisang but without the goreng? even my maid said that it tasted good. *grins*

i guess i’ll go study now? *perseveres* >_<.

/EDIT i am seriously going to keeeeel channel 5 for not being marketable enough. if i didn’t check their programme guide, i would never know that veronica mars is already at its 7th episode and the O.C. season THREE is at its 6th. $%%$^@#%”>$%%$^)#% damn you channel 5. DAMN YOU. /EDIT

a change of pace – shoot from the hip


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