Lack of emo-eye-candies

i’m so so so tired now because i went to zouk after work today.

yes… i managed to find somebody to go to 17 magazine’s party with me! her name is goh hui yi. XD

it was boring as usual. since the theme was punk rock, i thought that i could see some hot emo guys but i’m sad to say there’s none. okay, i did saw one though. his hair was so friggin’ nice. emo style – i like. :D

after standing for half an hour or so, we left because it was so darn boring (they didn’t even play punk rock music. HELLO. please follow the theme larh). my main purpose was just to get the goody bag anyways. XD

after that, we went to cineleisure for some pasta.

this is the very first time i have finished every strand of spaghetti soaked with creamy chicken sauce. i have never managed to finish it before. the reason? we ate dinner at 9pm. i was practically starving to death.

the best part of today has got to be emptying my goody bag and examining each and every item inside. XD

this is what’s inside: $10 mrs fields voucher + membership card, lulu castagnette je t’M perfume (it smells really good), 3 Za items, french kitten key ring, stick on jewels for handphones, an army-like metal tag with 17’s logo and of course, this month’s 17 magazine.

what’s not to like about their goody bags?!

hawk nelson – california


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