Piss and regret

damn. i really really hate being the relief for reception. i had to relief 1.5 hours of reception today instead of 45 minutes because the receptionist had to go to the hospital to get some medicine. fine.

but what i really want to complain about is the damn callers. 2 of them really pissed me off with their own unnecessary pissiness. i had to bite my tongue to prevent myself from lashing out at them. they must be those SINGLE menopause women with no heart because they have not experienced love before (okay i have no proof for that – sorry). lol. seriously. since i already told you all that i am new here, you don’t have to be pissed just because i’m new right. kns. and you don’t have the right to say i don’t know MY staff when they are not even MINE. at this stage of my life, i only know my friends. and when i ask you to spell out the person’s name do it willingly because your pronunciation sucks. through this, it seems that it’s the WOMEN that are more inpatient than the men. at least when i tell some guy that i’m new he will say “it’s okay take your time”. i’m not discriminating my own gender or anything… i’m just discriminating those impatient bastards. next time you do reception and see how you feel larh. %#$!%@#%”!%#$!%#%@#

i tell you, if i was doing reception instead of admin, i will quit NOW. i’m in such a bad mood now, it’s hard to even try to be compassionate towards these kind of people. it’s times like these when i feel i rather be deaf. but then again, i will miss my rock music and a silent world doesn’t suit me at all. so i shall just bear with it. 31 days left!

paul is adorable when he cries. there’s no point watching idol now that he is gone.

all american rejects – it ends tonight


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