i have been working so there’s nothing much to blog about. all i can say is that my job sucks. i spend every day looking at the clock on the desktop and waiting for time to pass. the most boring job i have ever done in my whole life. but whatever. i get paid. i shall just bear with this boring-ness for another 25 days.

anyway, i have just finished watching the king and the clown on youtube. it’s about this king who fell in love with this gay clown (that’s all i’m going to say about the movie. oh ya, there’s kissing involved also). haha. sounds quite sick, but it’s nice. i love how lee jun ki managed to act so feminine in that show. look at this…

how can a guy look so hot for a guy and so beautiful as a woman at the same time?! i’ve got to take my hat off him. but he’s really hot. and thankfully he’s not really gay. ♥ :D

my favorite highway – murder on the radio


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