Retail therapy and past memories.

went out with jo aka noodles today. haven’t seen her since my birthday. gosh, how much i miss her.

yes yes. i miss you too, bee hoon. i’m just afraid that you say that i’m biased. of all days, you have to get sick on our reunion. tsk.

well, i spent quite a lot today. around 150 bucks. :D but it’s okay. i’m working. S$150 is only a small small portion of my full salary. :X

we actually started shopping at orchard and ended up at bugis by foot. it was tiring but fun. we talked about our BPS and MI days and found ourselves really stupid before. haha. some stuff were really funny. like, we can’t believe we actually had a crush on that hippo before. i miss those days. seriously. but i’m contented with life now. i’m happy that i have new friends and old friends who will always be there.

i sound so sentimental. haha.

first, we went to forever21 to get the top that i was eyeing a few weeks back. it was still there. phew. then i bought a black top at wisma’s esprit which says “rocking heartbeat”. so my type. :D and it only costs $19.90. which is rare because their tees usually cost 23.90? around there. i didnt buy anything at far east but we walked around and suddenly i heard some fangirl-ish screams.

they were holding a superband autograph session with the top 4 bands. not really interested though it was cool to see lucify from above. XD can’t really see them clearly though. i’m short-sighted. but i could spot them because they are all in black. so obvious it’s them.

stared at them for awhile more before going to this fashion. we tried on the dresses for fun.

and yes, this would probably be the first and last time you would ever see me in a dress because i doubt i would ever buy it. i feel weird wearing this. maybe because i haven’t been wearing dresses since i was 12? haha. i don’t know.

i realised that a lot of mrs fields outlets in singapore have gone missing. the one outside tangs and the one that used to be at raffles city. but luckily there was one at paragon. i bought 21 bucks worth of cookies and brownies with a $10 discount. thanks to the voucher that i got during the 17 mag birthday party. :D

proceeded on to heeren’s converse to buy new sneakers but they do not have the black double-tongued low cut sneaks anymore. and they will never have stocks for it again. i felt so depressed after hearing that. lol. i think i told tinggy i wanted to buy it a month ago? and now it’s all sold out. *sigh* i shall just accept the fact that i have no fate with that shoe. i guess plain black sneakers with some embellishments will do just fine.

for dinner, we had pasta mania. again. wanted to try their cabonara but $9.90 is too much. i rather eat the cabonara at mensa which only costs $2. walked around bugis village but nothing attracted me. i did get attracted to the guys stuff though. haha. i like the prints on the shirts.

at the end of the day, this is what i got. all these for S$150 (and some stuff here and there from spotlight). :D

boys like girls – on top of the world


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