i have panda eyes!

i just realised that i haven’t blogged for almost 2 weeks. has it been that long? anyways, i’m here to do a little commercial. haha. i have been watching this drama series on youtube, introduced by bee hoon. it got me so addicted, i could not get much sleep for this whole week.

goong/palace/princess hours is the culprit. in fact, at this very moment, i’m still watching it even though i look like a zombie. the best part is that channel U will be airing it starting this monday at 7pm! it’s a must watch! and i’m going to get the dvd this monday. heh. i was actually going to get it today but this shop ran out of the dvd version. only the dvd version has english subtitles. i mean… if it’s a korean show, i would prefer to watch it with the people speaking their own language rather than chinese dubs. the other reason is that my chinese sucks larh. ok. i admit. reading chinese subtitles will kill my brain cells.

okok. i’m done promoting this. 2 more weeks left before i stop work. 2 more weeks left before school starts. i swear i’m going to work only 1 month the next time and slack for the other month.

alright! is this a solid update? haha. it’s quite long. :P

linchpin – wanna wanna


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