the haze is killing my lungs

heh. i figured that i need to blog more often to prevent mould from growing. ah yes, goong manga has been my daily source of entertainment in the office. i just finished reading it 2 days ago. it’s so much more hilarious than the drama. there were times where i had to control my laughter by covering my mouth with my sweater. ok. enough of my goong obsession.

the haze has been getting really bad these days. i need fresh air!!! waking up to hazy mornings with extra dust and smoke in the air is something i don’t look forward to. it spoils my day actually.

on a brighter note, school is starting in 5 days time. i’m actually psyched about it although most of my friends are not. lol. maybe it’s because of my work that i’m feeling this way. school is 101% more fun than working in that boring place even though i’m earning money. 3 more working days. i seriously can’t wait!

new found glory – it’s all around you


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