Girls will be girls.

no more work! no more wearing formal clothing every single day! no more interacting with bossy adults. a couple of them always call me up regarding some minor crap which they themselves can handle on their own. for example, yesterday, this woman asked me to call up canon to ask them the price for A3 paper. i called, but nobody was available to entertain me. so i left it as that. today, she asked me if i have called them. i said yes, but nobody entertained me. she replied, “today is your last day, so when are you going to call them up? i really need to order the paper.” i mean, if you really need it so desperately, why can’t you call them up yourself?! and she’s not even under my department. thinking about it makes me pissed. so let’s move on shall we? as much as i dislike working in that company, i’ve made a number of friends. all of them are either from TP or used to be TP. haha.

oh yes! i seriously need more wardrobe space. but my mom has taken up 2-thirds of MY space. she already has a wardrobe in her room! and below her wardrobe, are more clothes. besides that, she has another cupboard containing her home clothes. and she still can say that i have too many clothes when she has more. she doesn’t even wear every single one of them. only about 40%? everytime she packs, she NEVER throws/gives away anything. at least i do. i remove clothes that i know i will never wear again in my life.

school starts on monday! tinggy, gwen, janet and i are all in the same class. haha! because we chose the same elective subject. phew. don’t worry farma! we’ll still eat lunch together and let’s talk about anime/manga all day. hahaha. death note the movie!

in my opinion, my chemical romance’s new album has got to be the best album of the year after lostprophets. no band can replace lostprophets. except billy martin and ONLY billy martin. he should start his own band and be the vocalist/guitarist. his voice is so sexy larh. :P anyway, click here to stream the black parade! i think i like every song on this album. but the lyrics… quite emo. lol. and one thing that i don’t like about this album is that opening of the starting song sounded like good charlotte’s chronicles of life and death. total rip off.

my chemical romance – teenagers


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