It’s back to school, babeh!

nowadays, whenever i walk pass a neoprint shop in town, it’s always empty. 1 year ago, it’d be filled. i haven’t been taking neoprints since i had my digicam a year ago. since it has been so long, ting and i went to take some.

i had a lot of fun decorating it. it’s my favourite part.

did some last minute back-to-school shopping. but before that, we charged our energy at yoshinoya.

isn’t my onigiri cute? i bought it because it looked so cute on the menu. but it turned out to be rather tasteless, cold and wet. urgh. gross. i think even i can make better onigiris.

so this is what i bought:

a bag, shoelaces, a pair of flats, wallet, 3 pairs of socks and a cd by the summer obsession. yes. i’m starting to buy cds again because because. you know, i know, everybody knows. wanted to get another cd but it costs freaking 43 bucks. imported cds never comes cheap. this is the reason why people download songs!

my mom keeps calling me gongju because she’s super obsessed with goong. i think she’s even more obsessed than me because she keeps spouting random korean words at me. sometimes she goes “kamsamida” or “taeja jeohna”. =.= i don’t do that, okay. so i’m not THAT obsessed.

i don’t think i will be able to sleep tonight. i’m always like that on the night before the first day of school.

p.s. if you thought that the “neoprints” above were really neoprints. you have been fooled reallll bad. LOL. we used my digicam to take the pictures at some neoprint booth and i decorated it on photoshop with my intuos. so fun! and with no time limit! you see. i saved ourselves 9 bucks. not bad eh? who wants me to transform your photos into neoprints? i don’t mind doing it for a free lunch. hahaha.

the summer obsession – 8 am


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