the guy who only uses 2 fingers.

the first day of school was okay. although truthfully, it was quite boring. i shan’t complain because it’s 100 times better than going to work. the only thing is that the tp intern had to sms every now and then to ask me questions about work. =.= i don’t want to have anything to do with that company anymore! *sigh* spoils my mood.

after school, gwen, tinggy, janet and i went to tampines mall to walk around and also to have lunch. before that, we went to toy r us to relieve our childhood memories. took some pictures with the stuff toys too. lol.

had long john sliver’s grilled cajun chicken for lunch. oh my gosh. it rocks. thanks gwen for introducing it to us. haha.

after that, me and tinggy proceeded to watch death note!

i love it. i’m super amazed at how intelligent lighto and L are. lighto is so psychotic larh. he actually planned his girlfriend’s death. as for L, his obsession of sweet things makes me chuckle. using a lollipop to stir his coffee and a doughnut kebab. lol. and he only uses his first 2 fingers for every single thing. so cute. can’t wait for part 2 coming out in december!!!

ok. i’m off to sleep now. so tired.

ellegarden – ロストワールド


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