Sushi, madness and reminiscing old times.

tuesday (24/10/2006)
william poops is here in singapore for a visit! he’s only staying for 1 week before going back to indonesia. so bee hoon and i met up with him today. he’s one guy which can shop with girls without feeling bored or left out.

we walked A LOT today. we met in orchard initially. walked to hmv then to takashimaya, far east, takashimaya again and ended up at hmv. LOL. so we walked to and fro twice. my feet is hurting like crazy but it’s not as bad as bee hoon’s huge blister. uncomfortable heels + shopping = big no no. that is why i’m always seen with my converse sneakers. sneakers rocks! do you know how many times we had to stop for miss bee hoon to change her plasters?! many! lol. but i don’t blame her. i know what is it like to have blisters, although i rarely get them. :P

lunch was great today! we had sushi picnic outside takashimaya.

sushi’s from cold storage. i LOVE caterpillar maki!!! *loves sushi that contains avacados* after that we walked and walked. i did buy some stuff… *really needs to stop spending*.

and what’s an outing without pictures:

armor for sleep – truth about heaven


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