it’s about healthy living, yo

my body is aching all over! especially my legs and my right arm. this is the result of exercising after not exercising for a long period of time. let’s see.. we jogged 3 rounds around the school track on monday and played badminton yesterday and today.

i have seriously added more pain to my arm today. i can hardly move it. but it’s still fun. i sorta like the aching feeling. *weird* o_O but going down the stairs makes me call out my surname at every step.

other than being sporty this week, we went to the new ikea at tampines on monday.

it was really BIG and the furniture collection section scares me.

*goes off to sleep without even saying goodbye*

p.s. gwen has been irritating all of us with this sentence:

NOTE: click play once and wait. patience is a virtue.

click play 100 times and you will know how irritating she was. *prepares ear muffs for tomorrow* :P

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