the sun, beach, and sea

the term tests ended for me yesterday. after which, the crazies headed down to sentosa and vivo city! we went to sentosa because we had to take pictures of the tourism academy for our culture & expressions project. at least we were provided with free entry passes.

i have to say that the tourism academy has a great environment. it looks more like a resort rather than a school. oh well, i guess they made it that way just to blend into sentosa. i doubt that the stress level the students receive differs from the main campus anyways.

beautiful, isn’t it?

and since we’re at sentosa, we made a trip to silosa beach to soak our feet in the sea water. i’m glad it didn’t rain until we made our way back to vivo city. *phew* vivo city is HUGE. and kinda packed. it’s wednesday, for goodness sake. imagine how crowded it will be on weekends. i don’t even want to imagine.

went to candy empire to get some imported chocolates! nothing really stood out except for the GIGANTIC kinder surprise from germany. i would have bought it if it didn’t cost $19.80.


cobra starship – keep it simple


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