let’s usher in the new year *reluctant*

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! gosh. it’s 2007 already. nooooo.

anyway, i went to KL 5 days ago and came back on saturday. it was my dad’s christmas present to my mom, brother and i. we stayed in the city area at the allson genesis hotel.

our hotel was near to around 10 shopping centres?! but we didn’t go to everyone of them. there was no time. we didn’t even go to mid valley or KLCC.

the food in KL was definitely different from singapore:

always always eat KFC at least once in malaysia because the chicken is fresh. it has less fats too. serious.

thai curry laksa, curry chee cheong fun, mee rubus and porridge at one utama shopping centre. i wanted to eat here because there were so many people queuing up for it. i wasn’t disappointed. everything was tasty and good. real good.

these roadside stalls were one street away from our hotel (recommended by my mom’s colleagues). the crab wasn’t really fresh (i shall give them credits for the taste though). i could taste it with my superior tastebuds. haha. my mom always tells me that my taste buds only like fresh and expensive food. i mean, who doesn’t?

waffles at one utama! the chocolate waffle actually has oozing chocolate sauce in between. too chocolate-y for me though. i prefer my blueberry waffles. i can eat blueberry waffles for breakfast every single day. how i wish.

the best char kway teow i have ever eaten in my whole life. succulent prawns and fresh cockles (i only ate one piece though. i hate sea-hums). this stall was just next to my hotel. we decided that it would be good because we saw cars driving in. who will drive their cars all the way here unless there’s good stuff?!

okay! let’s move on to the shopping centres. we went to 5 shopping centres in total but only 3 are worth mentioning.

1. sungei wan: it’s practically like far east but 2 times bigger. there’s one level that has a number of punk/rock/emo stores. there’s one that seriously scared the shit out of me. the shop attendant of one of these stores looked like an emo-fied willy wonka with purple hair. not cool. the clothes looked too …. for me. lol. i can’t even find the correct word to use.

2. one utama: this shopping centre is freaking big. walking from one end to another is enough to make your limbs ache. and there are like 4 levels? one utama has all kinds of shops like topshop, forever 21 etc. but don’t worry. the stuffs are a few bucks cheaper in singapore. lol.

the picture below looks cute and all but in actual fact, the kids were suffering! they were learning how to dance some high school musical thing. they started at 12 (that’s when i reached one utama) and ended at 4 (that’s before we were planning to leave one utama). this means that they stood on the stage for 4 hours. O.O

3. times square: like vivo city but is 5 times bigger. it has 13 levels for goodness sake. but it’s still not as big as one utama.

we left malaysia for singapore by bus (that’s how we got there also). but i prefer the trip back to singapore because we took the first class bus. personal tv and leather massage chairs. bliss.

there were so many movies to choose from but i watched aquamarine (the guy was so hot!), cassanova (quite stupid) and 1/5 of underworld evolution (i know why it’s M18 *tsk tsk*). for now, i only can take first class buses. when can i take first class by air? a long long time.

the only item worth buying and is not available in singapore’s supermarts:

wrigley’s chewing gum.

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