i want my maid back.

it has only been 5 days since my maid left and i’m already sick of hawker food. so i decided to cook my own dinner yesterday. it turned out 70% alright and edible. XD

the vegetables taste kinda disgusting though. i threw them away after eating those on my plate and ate an apple instead. i seriously wonder where did all my culinary skills fly to after taking 2 years of food and nutrition during the secondary school days (not that i have any real skills in the first place). i was able to cook quite tasty stuff during lessons and i would share them with my friends during recess. i remember making sponge cake, curry puffs, carrot cake, fried noodles etc etc. those were the days.

however, one thing that i don’t like about cooking is the washing up part.

i doubt i will be updating much from now on because i have tons of projects and the first one is due in 2 weeks. and after that, we have to hand in one every week. i wish i can just fly to hawaii to dance hula or something.

UVERworld – d-tecnolife


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