Summary of the week

lots has happened within this week that i don’t even know what to feel. happy? sad? i seriously have no idea.

1. my lappy crashed.
i think watching too much youtube and leaving my lappy switched on overnight sometimes has burned my screen wires. luckily my hard disk is fine. but repairs costs $1090. so my dad said he will buy me a new laptop. gee, i suddenly feel kinda bad having to spend his money.

2. encounter with a weird guy
okay, he’s not exactly weird but i find the whole incident funny. gwen, tinggy and i were walking on the bridge to the bus stop when suddenly, this guy wearing a beanie tapped me on my shoulder and pointed on the floor without saying a single word. i thought i didn’t zip my pants or there’s something hanging out of my bag so i looked round and round for something out of place. then, he said “your shoelaces”. lol! my shoelaces weren’t stuffed in my shoes properly. after that, he just walked off. you know, after reading what i have typed, i don’t really find it funny anymore.

3. my maid is back!
whee! dust-free floors and home-cooked food is what i missed the most. when my dad asked if we wanted a car or keep the maid, i said keep the maid. i mean, singapore is so accessible, you don’t really need a car. and it’s not like i can drive it either because my parents are not sponsering for my driving license. to me, shopping and buying things i like beats paying for driving lessons. so at the moment, i don’t think that i will be taking my license anytime soon.

4. projects.
need i say more?

life is full of ups and downs. but we should live it to the fullest and have all the fun before it ends. gosh, i sound so… *wants to live everyday happily*

my chemical romance – famous last words


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