on the second day of new year…

on the second day of new year,
the ang paos came to me.
two mandarin oranges
and one extra large bak gua.

what can i say about the 2nd day of new year? nothing much seriously. my dad decided to forgo two houses because of the rain. which meant less red packets for me.

and no, going to these houses did not help in compensating the losses. not that i mind about the losses anyway.

so, i have decided to tidy up my room tomorrow. i can only study in a clean room. going to revamp my wall with new posters too. i always cringe when i see the hilary duff posters on my wall. its not that i don’t like her. but it’s so…. *ahem*

so anyway, on a totally random note, an asteroid is going to slam into the earth in 2036. but i’m sure the UN or whoever is going to stop it. no worries, right? at the most, we will all die together. LOL. =X


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