on the third day of new year…

on the third day of new year,
no ang paos came to me.
three huge bags of rubbish,
two mandarin oranges
and one extra large bak gua.

we stayed home today and i spent the whole afternoon packing my room. *super tired* my mom said that i’m weird. people usually do spring cleaning before the new year but i’m doing it during the new year. lol. i mean, who cares right. at the end of the day, my room will still be cleaned.

pictures of my digusting & messy room tranforming into a super empty one.

dumped all my secondary school books to my brother. hahaha. at the end of the day, i think i threw about 10 bags of stuff? my room is so empty now, i feel like something’s missing. my table has a IT corner, makeup corner, stationery corner and an art corner now. bwahaha. and i love my posters! paramore, fall out boy and lostprophets! they are so huge; my eyes need time to get used to them.

while packing, i found these fake nails and put them on for fun.

and i also found a scrap book with:

hello kitty sweet wrappers and jelly top covers. oh my goodness larh. those were hello kitty-crazed days (8 years ago). i just threw the whole book away without hesitation.

now that my room is clean, i should get down to studying right?! XD


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