concerts, watching dramas and shopping. these are a few of my favourite things.

i predict that this is going to be a pretty long post. if you get bored halfway, you can just stop reading. because this post is going to be full of rants and ramblings and i’m not forcing anybody to read every single word of it. ain’t i nice?

1. fall out boy’s infinity on high concert

you knew this was coming and it’s obviously going to be the first thing i’m going to talk about. =P overall, the concert was great. but it’s not the best that i’ve been to. good charlotte. now that’s the best concert ever! even though i was standing at the back.

so i queued up at 8am in the morning (i saw one of my church peeps and he was earlier than me), stared into space, look at people doing stupid things like climbing up the hill due to boredom. esli came at around 11.30am and we stared into space somemore. haha. i think she said the word “bored” to me a hundred times. we were quite in front of the queue but the stupid organisers had to shift us into one of the empty halls. damn. the order was totally screwed up even though he said we will shift us in the same order. i was so pissed. who wouldn’t be?

when we’re inside the hall, we stared into space somemore until 5.15pm when some freaking guard blew his whistle and people thought that it was time to go in the max pavilion. the worst thing was that people who came at 4-5pm pushed through the stupid weak tapes that security put up and jumped the queue. if you want a create a barrier, use a metal barriers. NOT TAPES AND FLIMSY PLASTIC DIVIDERS! GEEZ! then, we were stuck in a mosh pit for nearly 2 hours. stinky BOs, bad breath and bushy bush hairs were all around me. lots of pushing and bitching. chinese people with american accents. ang mohs bitching about singaporeans when they themselves are cutting the fucking queue by pushing themselves to the front and pretending they have asthma. puh-lease! the doors opened at around 7.15pm. esli and i were literally pushed out of the door because everybody wants to get out.

there was obviously more pushing and people squirming their way to the front when we were in max pavilion itself. but it was good. i managed to take a number of videos, most of them containing pete wentz! because we were standing on the right hand side of the stage. he owns the right side (every member of every band will surely have their special spot on stage. example billy. he’s always at the left). i didn’t take a lot of photos though because it will be super blur. there were 2 opening acts (super waste of time). some indonesian punk band (i forgot their name) and saw loser.

i couldn’t really make out what songs they were singing. except for mr. know it all. lol. thanks esli for taking these two images. i didn’t take a video of them because i wanted to save space for FOB’s stuff. XD

fall out boy sang a total of what? 10 songs? that’s very little compared to the other concerts that i’ve been to. if i remembered correctly, there was even and encore show for simple plan. good charlotte didn’t need to because there were no opening acts and they sang ALOT of songs. i lost count. so yes, the screenshots from my videos:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i was quite far away from patrick! but i have a really good video of him singing “golden”. you could actually hear him singing. the rest of my videos were crap in sound quality (and only sound quality okay) because i was jumping. plus the speakers were just right in front of us. a few strums on the bass alone can cause the whole hall to vibrate. goodness. i could always see pete wentz because he keeps coming to our side. he’s so hot in real person. and patrick is so cute! joe’s hair is too afro for my liking and i could not even see andy (the curly hair-ed guy) at all. it doesn’t matter anyway. i only need pete and patrick.

in the middle of the concert, a girl with a serious case of BO was standing in front of me and i almost vomitted. because of her, i couldn’t open my mouth and sing “sugar sugar we’re going down” loudly. there were also rich-looking girls (more like aunties) with handbags talking about getting a manicure DURING the concert. i was like wtf. handbags and heels to a concert? super out of place larh. and there’s this guy beside me who asked his friend this question, which i find very amusing. “why don’t these girls seem to get tired?” bwahaha! girls do get tired but FANgirls don’t.

at the end of everything, my body ached like crazy. especially my right arm, my neck and my LEGS. my legs feel as if they’ve ran a 300km marathon or something. i went home, bathed and slept with my wet hair.

2. tv drama addict
i have been watching quite a lot of tv dramas lately. namely heroes and supernatural.

i actually finished the first season of supernatural, started watching season 2 and watched 5 episodes of heroes during the study break. and i still had time to study. not bad i must say. =X i actually wanted to just watch one episode of heroes thinking nothing much will happen in the first episode. but i just kept watching because it’s so freaking addictive. and thus, supernatural is put on hold. so yes, i’m saying that heroes is way better even though there’s no jared padalecki in it.

3. webcam craziness
and besides watching tv dramas during study break, i’ve been webcamming a lot with ah du.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
lol! some of the pictures look really retarded. but it was fun looking at her making retarded faces and me printing screen every moment of it. ohohoho~

4. shopping with ah du
after our tain paper, the crazies went to pasta mania for lunch-ner. i have been craving for marinara for quite some time and finally had the chance to satisfy that craving.

succulent prawns with tangy tomato sauce. OOooh! mama mia! fabuloso!

after that, ah du and i headed down to bugis because i wanted to buy jeans. and i bought a pair of skinnys! i LOVE it so much. then we went to suntec to buy ah du’s stuff. she is one picky person. =X hahaha. but i love shopping with her. very fun and entertaining.

and i bought PODS!

one of the best things ever.

5. others
alright. this has been a really long post. if you read everything, you’re a person who loves to read. lol! oh and have i mentioned that pete wentz is really hot in real person? well, he really is. i love his tattoos.

the almost – i mostly copy other people


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