what do YOU do when you’re bored?

when i’m really bored, i will install sims 2 on my computer and waste my time away. it’s not a very fun-filled game (because no expansion packs) but it makes time pass like nobody’s business and makes my laptop lag like laggimoto (okay, i have no idea what’s that).

haven’t being updating because there’s nothing to update. i’ve been rotting at home these past 2 weeks. but i shall rot no more as i’m starting work at my mummy’s office tomorrow for 2 weeks. 2 weeks = $520 without CPF deduction. bwahaha. i’m doing data entry (which is by far my favourite shit job aka “sai gang”) and there’s no need to wear officewear either. shiokies. kind of.

98.7FM is giving away good charlotte CD hampers with an autographed poster this week LAH! i’ve tried calling in today but the line is always busy. i doubt i can win it so i shall just buy the album tomorrow to console myself. i will always remember how close i was to winning mcfly’s CD hamper few years back. they were looking for the 10th caller and i was the bloody 9th one.

and good charlotte’s going to jakarta in april. it’s the only asian country they are going to minus japan. just like how fall out boy only came to singapore. how can i complain in times like these? SIGH. hope they will come during their next leg of tour or something.

[EDIT]okay, so i just found out that GC’s going to KL as well. Now, i can complain! they said they would come back. but i guess most bands won’t come back because the singapore crowd is smaller compared to other countries. >_< then don’t say you will come back lah! [/EDIT]

one picture update from my outing with soon bee last wednesday:

we just slacked in town because there’s no other place like town.

i want to watch TMNT and mr bean’s holiday!

the used – the bird and the worm


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