running away from the weirdness

i have been working the past week. thus the lack of updates. but i had a major shock this week though. our cultural & expression assignment got shortlisted to win $10,000. totally didn’t expect that because our work was really kinda last minute. haha. so we have to improve it and present it by i don’t know when.

and i’m also heading off to bangkok this coming wednesday with my parents. it’s not the best place to have a holiday now due to the protests and stuff. just hope we can get there safe and come back safe as well. i so want to go back to japan. maybe i will go back after taking the 5 year japanese language course with tinggy? who wants to come with me? we will eat instant noodles from the 100 yen shop everyday till we become bald.

anyway i want to say a big thank you to my beloved mochiki tinggy for buying me this:

*cries* it’s my favourite retarded frog. i’m so touched. she bought it because she said that the orange colour creature looks like me. =_=

the almost – say this sooner


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