i love to slack.

i’ve decided to stop procrastinating and start blogging about my bangkok trip and etc stuff. i didn’t take a lot of pictures though. there’s nothing much to take if you’ve been there for the 4th time. lol. but i loved the shopping, the eating and sleeping in a nice and comfy hotel room.

  • the hotel
  • we stayed at this hotel called the pathumwan princess which is linked to mbk. makes it super convenient to shop and shop and shop!!! i love this hotel to bits heart. i give the service, surroundings and ambience two thumbs and toes up.

  • the shopping centres

  • 1. siam paragon
    there’s nothing to shop in this place unless you are filthy rich. but this is the place we frequent the most throughout our whole trip because of the basement level. it has a wide variety of food and a gourmet supermarket which sells super oishi cream soups.

    2. MBK
    we can never avoid this place because we have to walk from one end of mbk to another just to take the skytrain. lol.

    3. central world
    it used to be called world trade center. it has lots of branded goods too. i don’t know why we have to make a trip there everytime we go to bangkok. it’s like a ritual or something.

    4. suan nam
    it’s the first time we’ve ever been to this place. it’s like the weekend chatuchak market but a cleaner and neater version. and because of the cleaniness, the stuff they sell costs like 3 times more in chatuchak. so we didn’t buy anything in the end. we even got conned by the taxi driver who sent us back to the hotel. that fucking idiot. my dad bargained with him before we got in and he agreed to be paid 100 baht (S$4.40). but during the journey halfway, he demanded to be paid 150 baht. then my dad asked him to drop us off immediately. but he refused. he continued to drive and argue. he had the worst attitude ever. and the journey was so short. asshole.

    5. others
    we went to other places as well but i didn’t take pictures because i was so lazy. chatuchak, robinsons, big C, platinum (something like far east but with 341234 more shops), pantip, siam centre etc. we seem to always go back to the same places. lol.

  • the food

  • these are 2 restaurants which can be found at siam paragon’s basement. fuji japanese restaurant sells affordable japanese cuisine. some of the items have thai flavour in them which makes it really unique. i love caterpillar maki!!! the other restaurant is called the foodhall gallery. it’s something like marche but better because no self service is required. they will send the food to your table. i like. the food is pretty good too. i love the vietnamese spring rolls.

    we also ate authentic thai food like beef noodles, tom yam etc. there’s this one time when i was ordering beef noodles, i saw every single local adding 2-3 tablespoonsful of sugar into their beef noodles. i was like O_O;;. the beef noodle itself is already kinda sweet and they are adding more. scary.

    oh yes! and dunkin donuts. i didn’t take pictures though. XD it’s all in my tummy wummy.

  • the shopping
  • nooo! i have short legs (. the shopping was good. bought a few tops and 2 pairs of levi’s because they were so darn cheap compared to singapore. it costs around $50-$80 there. bags. shoes. my mom bought quite a lot of stuff too because my dad will always say “buy lah”. lol.

  • others

  • the ferris wheel pictures were taken at suan nam. it’s nice but singapore’s ferris wheel is going to be bigger (definitely) and better (i think). i took the picture of my dad while my mom was trying on some (make that A LOT) of clothes because i like the wallpaper.

    that’s it. the end of my bangkok post.

    on monday, i went for a movie marathon with tinggy. no kidding. we watched 2 movies back to back and almost froze to death. hahaha.

    TMNT rocks. from the cg to the effects! i love michaelangelooooo~ the music in the movie rocks too because 50% of the soundtrack is sung by some of my favourite bands. :D on the other hand, mr bean’s holiday was just okay… sure, it was funny (at some parts) but mr bean needs to have more tricks up his sleeve.

    i have yet to watch a 99.9% laugh inducing movie. will there ever be one?

    paramore – misery business


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