part 1: pre-birthday celebration

i love our shadows in the picture because it makes me look slim. hahaha. okayy.. random.

half an hour until the clock strikes 12 and i will turn 19 years old. i will make sure that i appreciate my last year of being a TEEN.

went to sushi tei for dinner with tinggy. food is 2 times more expensive than sakae sushi but the dragon roll is my favourite of all sushis in the world. this is what we shared/ate:

we only ordered 3 dishes but i was very full after everything. it seems that i can’t eat as much as before after drinking that gruesome shake. but i’m fine with it. save money and not gain weight. :D

and we took this picture on monday (i think). because we have nothing better to do.

cherie (cuzzie #1) is back from canada! going see her tomorrow at my grandmother’s place. lol. even though there’s nothing to do at my grandmother’s place other than stoning, my aunt’s cooking is ichiban so it’ll be great. pongie (cuzzie #2) is still far far away from singapore. lol. come home soon even though if you don’t feel like it. :P

[mood: | sleepy]
[: breaking benjamin – the diary of jane]


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