part 2: sumptuous birthday dinner

loads of people asked me why i didn’t go out to celebrate my birthday today. the answer is simply because my aunt’s cooking beats (pwns!) all other restaurants in the whole wide world(which means i would rather eat my aunt’s cooking on this very day instead of eating at other places). and nothing’s better than family time. plus it was good to bring my cuzzie over because my aunt used to live in canada.

abacus/yi mee/steamed pumpkin stuffed with pork and mushrooms
i think she spent an hour plus telling my cuzzie about her experience, cooking tips and which food is good there. haha. very interesting but i don’t know when i’ll be flying over for a visit. hopefully soon!

part 3 tomorrow and part 4 next friday. i think it’s the longest birthday i’ve ever had. :D love you all so much. and thank you to those who sent me birthday greetings be it through msn, sms or tags! ♥♥♥

ARRR! cuzzie and i didn’t take any pictures today! we shall take a hundred pictures on our next date! XD

[mood: | touched]
[: memory – sugarcult]


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