happy mothers’ day

first of all, happy mothers’ day to all mothers in the world. was at church today and uncle mark said that mother’s have the toughest job ever. they are the ones who do all the nurturing and worrying. i totally agree. my mom always worries about the slightest thing. i guess it’s just a normal mother instinct.

this was the gift to my mummy dearest:

the latest book by her favourite author ever. and it’s only out in large print. not yet in paperback. *sigh* means i had to pay more for it but it’s okay, since i’ve just gotten my birthday money from my aunts and uncles. :D

shall blog about part 3 of my birthday celebration at work tomorrow. :P lazy to edit the pictures and stuff.

[mood: | bloated] it’s THAT fucking time of the month! hate it!
[ : paramore – for a pessimist i’m pretty optimistic]


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