part 3: dinner at new york new york

yes yes, i’m currently slacking at work now. not that there is nothing to do but we’re sorta taking our time to do it. :X after all, we are all pros at burning midnight oil. no fear. :P spent the whole morning editing the pictures so ya’ll better appreciate it. haha!

i had a really fun time with noodles and soon bee yesterday. finally tasted new york new york’s food. i couldn’t finish mine because the serving was quite big. in terms of service wise, not bad. except that we waited quite long for our candy floss and in the end they said that the machine was spoilt. but we still managed to eat it in the end. :)

some pictures that we took at the restaurant while waiting for our food:

it’s been a long time since i’ve worn PINK. lol! and one of my church friends asked me why i looked so girly yesterday. =_= i still love black though. black is the universal colour of all colours. :P

our food arrived shortly after:

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i think the pork lasagna was really good but it was really cheesy = fattening. haha. but i guess it’s okay if consumed once in a blue moon. :D my meatball spaghetti was not bad either. just that the spaghetti wasn’t as bouncy as i’d liked it to be. prego anyone?! ohohoho~

and for dessert, we had:

candle wax drippings. not.

absolutely heavenly even though i think that the fondue at haagen daaz would be better. because hot chocolate fondue + ice cream = da bomb. *drools just thinking about it*

had our cotton candy only after we have paid our bill because the waiter who said he would send the candy over did not do so! >=(

apple flavoured cotton!

went to town after dinner to get a gift for my mother. went to borders and then decided to buy it at kinokuniya because i have 10% discount off for all things. by then, we were really tired and the thought of having to work the next day made me really depressed.

more cam-whoring because we are girls:

while taking pictures in the toilet, one auntie looked at us like we’re a bunch of freaks. lol. nothing wrong with taking pictures in the toilet okay. i love the lightings. not too bright not too dim. just nice. :D

lastly, may i present to you the 4-faced noodles:

she cracks me up everytime and she willingly lets me take pictures of her. i like. XD

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