part 4: belated birthday dinner with the crazies

arghhhh! i hate to blog without any pictures. so here’s just one:

thanks for the presents :) tortoise plushie from tinggy, grey top from ah du and gwen mama and the pudding plushie from myself. :D so now my bed is like overcrowded with these adorable and super huggable things.

didn’t take any pictures during the dinner (and it was also because i brought my camera without the memory card inside! wth!!!) due to the 2 “special” guests who tagged along. they are none other than the potato pig and the ham who came just because they have nothing better to do. =_= their presence made us feel sian because they looked sian while waiting for us outside the shops. asked them where they want to go they replied anywhere. asked them if they felt sian they said no we feel very entertained. in the end they left us sitting at BK without saying a word (they did wave goodbye but that’s not a word :p ). haha i sound like i’m complaning but i guess i have to say that i appreciate their company? after all they said that their company is the best present anyone could have. *coughs*

but it was alright during dinner. it’s always alright during dinner with guys (ah du’s smack-her-lips action and the venom – veenom thing was the highlight of the dinner. haha. hilarous). the aftermath (yes, AFTERMATH) makes girls want to kill guys. :D gwen mama will totally agree with me. ohoho~ moral of the story: most guys make better meal companions than shopping companions.

i want to go shopping with girls because it’s more efficient and effective! *grins* next saturday with cuzzie! can’t wait.

[mood: pissed]
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