ma sexy lil’ ears

i love my shrek ears. (a big thank you to tinggy for helping me to buy it! :D )


i know some people think that this whole “shrek-ears” thing is very stupid but i don’t care. i like it. gwen mama please buy it soon so that we can camwhore together. hahaha!!!

my mom also has a pair of tigger ears which we bought at disneyland last year and i took the chance to camwhore a lil’ bit when i was alone at the haunted hotel situated in narita. haha.

but somehow, i think i still prefer my shrek ears. :D

moving on to another topic, the season one of heroes is O.V.E.R.! *sobs* i shall just wear my shrek ears to comfort myself.

[mood: ditzy]
[ : the fold – medicine]


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