take away my puff-ed up eye, please

i just went to see the doctor not long ago because my right eye is really swollen right now due to conjunctivitis – you know, the case where your grandma will say that you’ve been peeking at naked guys/girls. but it’s really a fake theory. so i have to take 2 pills before my 3 meals which is quite a big feat for me because i have never liked taking medicine. and just thinking about swallowing a pill makes me want to barf. so i searched online for tips in swallowing pills. HAHA. call me retarded or whatever but it really did help. i actually swallowed both my pills! :D i am so proud of myself. if anybody out there has a problem in swallowing pills, just get some jelly, mash it in your mouth, pop in the pill and swallow! man, it just glides down your throat. the best thing is – my dad won some vitagen lucky draw and got us 50 cups of free jelly/puddings. am i blessed or what.

i went out with cherie cuzzie yesterday for some shopping. she’s leaving in 2 weeks! :( hopefully i can earn me some moolah to buy a ticket to canada next year. 70% possibility. XD

dinner at ding tai feng for the second time this month. but i love it. nothing tastes better than piping hot xiao long paos.

and one very hilarious thing that happened was when a waitress asked us if we wanted any drinks and she said, “we have chrysanthemum tea, longan tea, chinese tea and anything and whatever”. LOL! the way she said it was so natural we forgot that “anything” and “whatever” is a drink. it took us like 2 seconds to process before we understood what she meant and we kept laughing about it.

after that, we had dessert at TCC.

and we took some pictures while waiting for our drinks:

you can’t really see my swollen eye here but it’s there if you look reaaally closely.

another cuzzie outing on wednesday! thank God thursday’s a public holiday.

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