good food good company

it’s time for an update!

i’m really bummed because weekends passes by too quickly. it’s monday again tomorrow and the repeat of a vicious cycle. i want internship to end so desperately. it’s not that i’m not having fun. it’s the people in the school who freaks me out. *shivers* i think there’s only a handful of NORMAL people in there and they’re suffering too.

i shall just put that aside and talk about food and happy stuff.

27/05/07: went out with cherie cuzzie on wednesday evening for dinner at marina square. although there’s lots to eat at marina square but we took some time before we settled on changing appetite.

we ordered a huge mug of chocolate shake and tiger prawn kebab for appetizers. sad to say, the prawns were not really tiger-looking (meaning HUGE). they were pathetically small. even smaller than normal prawns. but i have to say the seasoning was really good.

this is my main course. although it looks really huge, the meat content in the chicken wasn’t a lot. the sauce was good though.

cuzzie’s baked rice was even better. cheese + hokkaido cream sauce is like so super sinful but it tasted so so good. only eat this if you are starving.

after walking around and regretting about not buying the topshop blouse before dinner every single minute, we went to starbucks to chill out, talk and take pictures.

hot chocolate before bed is definitely one of the things i miss most about my childhood.

29/05/07: met up with ah du for dinner + shopping. ah du was feeling down on that day. i hoped you felt better after going out with me! :D please remember that we will always be there for you okay!

walked around town and bought myself a blue tunic/dress from forever21. i’m so in love with that current shade of blue right now. i think it’s either cobalt blue or royal blue. i’m not really sure. haha.

shoot me right now because tomorrow’s monday. this week’s schedule is so packed too! POTC3 on tuesday, dinner with the cuzzies on thursday (pongie’s back!) and tinggy’s birthday dinner on friday. and it’ll be the weekends again! can’t wait.

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