in troubled times it’s You i seek

this week is the 8th week of our attachment and we still have 8 more weeks to go. can somebody just stab me? *stabs myself if nobody does*

7/6/2007 (Thursday): met the cuzzies after work. or rather after they got back from cameron highlands. i was sitting at home waiting for them to call. met them at marina square for dinper (dinner + supper) at hong kong cafe.

lol! we (more like cherie and i) had a fun time gushing about oguri shun. we were discussing about his next drama – hana kimi (japanese version). i can’t wait. i loved him so much in hana yori dango! and of course pongie was clueless about what we were talking about which led to us talking about generation gap because pongie is 3 years older than us. hahaha!!! hilarious. but it’s sad because cherie’s already back at vancouver. *sobs*

the food was alright. i only ate dim sum because i didn’t have much appetite and i was craving for some. :) oh yes and to quote cherie on her pork floss and egg noodle, “maggie mee has never tasted sooo good.” so yes, although the noodle is maggie mee’s mee, it tasted good.

8/7/2007 (Friday): met up with the tp babes after work to celebrate tinggy’s birthday.

we had dinner at plaza sing’s cafe cartel. the food was good but the servings were too huge for me. i ended up wasting about 6 rib bones? the ones at the bottom looked really gross so i didn’t eat them. haha. i think the ribs were really good on the first few bones but after that, the taste just gets to you and you get really sick of it. personally, i think if you want to eat ribs at cartel, share it instead of having the whole plate to yourself.

after dinner and walking around daiso, we took pictures at some really secluded exit corridor. haha. quite a number of people looked at what we were doing though.

yes, just a random dump because i’m lazy to edit the 70++ pictures that we took.

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[: yellowcard – light up the sky]


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