i look forward to outings every single week

time seems to pass faster if i’m looking forward to something in the particular week. for example this week, i have a talk at church tomorrow, on thursday – dinner with the carbohydrates and on friday – my grandma’s birthday dinner. and what do you know?! tomorrow’s wednesday already. so please ask me out for dinner more often so that time can pass by quickly for you too! :D

updates for last week!

14/06/2007 (thursday): met up with green-chan and puff for dinner at paragon’s delifrance. :D haven’t seen them since last semester?! haha. finally got to see green-chan’s yamapi hair in person. cho kakoi!~ XD

i didn’t really like that particular outlet though. they didn’t even toast my croissant for a wee bit! i’ve always eaten the delifrance at raffles city but ever since it closed, i stopped going to any other outlets. i guess the one at ngee ann city is pretty good too. oh well, i did enjoy the company though. :D

after dinner, we popped by hmv and some shop at cineleisure which sells lots pictures and posters of japanese stars. mostly male stars but the most prominent one is yamapi. you can find his stuff at every single corner of the entire shop. lol.

16/06/2007 (saturday): full day outing with the carbohydrates!

i wish i could give our group a better name but i can’t think of any suitable ones at the mo. :D

because i have not gotten my pay since april, i couldn’t really shop due to insufficient funds. 12 more days to the 7% GST increase and i haven’t enjoyed the GSS yet! damn. i can go on complaining but i rather not in case i get sued.

walked/shopped around town. soon bee and i bought a vest each from far east and wore it straightaway. haha. got a special discount too because soon bee’s friend was working at that shop. :D double happiness.

for dinner, we ate at food republic due to the lack of money (yes! i want to emphasize on this) and my craving for hokkien mee. we had early dinner at 5pm because i didn’t want to queue. food republic’s hokkien mee is like the only thing most people go there for. we were lucky to get our food before the crowd started coming in.

1 plate, 8 bucks and shared by 3 people. hokkien mee = ♥.

and i want to say a big thank you to soon bee for being our prawn-peeler!!!

haha! yes i know i’m a spoilt and pampered brat who doesn’t like to peel her own prawns. but at least i appreciate my prawn-peeler and post a picture of them peeling my prawns. :X i only peel them at home because i can wash my hand immediately. but when i’m outside, either my dad peels them for me or i just use my teeth to squeeze the meat out from the shell. XD

lastly, some pictures of us making use of purikura booths without spending a single cent.

lol at the 4th picture. yes, we have all watched nobuta wo produce!

i want this week to end quickly. better yet, i want this attachment to end now. sorry for saying this in almost every post but i can’t help it.

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[ : paramore – when it rains]

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