i’m gonna pee on my pants due to extreme happiness

it’s time for another weekly update. i love weekly updates because it means that another week has came and gone. :D i even folded 34 boxes (for me to put my rubbish) to represent the days we have left. the lesser the boxes, the lesser days we have left!

21/06/2007 (thursday): went out for dinner with the carbohydrates. it was also soon bee’s birthday! :D

we ate wantan mee at some coffee shop opposite bugis junction because i am STILL experiencing the wrath of insufficent funds!!! argh!!! you have no idea how pissed i am. i’m so pissed, i think i could bend a metal bar.

after that, soon bee and i bought dessert from uzumaki partly because there’s this hot 40% yamapi-looking guy tending to the store. but in the end, he didn’t serve me. but at least i got to stare at him while the other person was serving me. LOL.

the ice cream is expensive but it tastes good + low fat too. :D

23/06/2007 (friday): it’s my grandma’s birthday today. had a family dinner at grassroots club in a private room with 2 televisions. lol. the food was okay… it was only good at the beginning because i was hungry.

my grandma with the little ones. my youngest cousin is not even a year old. man, i’m old.

picture dump of some of the dishes we had:

nothing spectacular right?

9th august is the day where patriotic people attend or stay home for the NDP (yes i’ve been watching every single NDP since young. lol). but this very year, i will be at fort canning for SINGfest with my favourite bands. i can’t wait! the academy is, cobra starship, mxpx, gym class heroes, a7x etc… can this get any better??? and on 10th august, i can just sleep at work since it’s the last day anyway :P

something THIS huge to look forward to will make this whole attachment thing pass even faster. woot!

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