a lacklustre saturday

i spend most of my time sleeping on saturdays. it’s the only day that i can catch up on my sleep. i’ve nothing much to blog about this week though. no money = no outings = nothing much to blog about. *huge sigh* and i’m having a huge craving for sashimi~

i’ve been hearing lots of good reviews about the transformers movie lately and after reading this movie review from this blog, i think i’m going to watch it!

here’s a picture of the bibimbap that i ate last wednesday:

it was my first time eating this and boy, was it delicious. another dish that i can create myself when my maid leaves in august. am going to miss her so much. T_T

lastly, a happy youth day to all of you! this year is probably my last year of enjoying youth day for the rest of my life. i mean, we polytechnic students don’t even get a holiday even though we are clearly youths. but my supervisor was kind enough to let us off for a break. hoho!~ (no monday blues) i wish he would do the same on the 10th of august. LOL.

[mood: | rejuvenated]
[ : arashi – we can make it]


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