amazing, amazing, amazing

this is probably one of the BEST movies i have ever watched in my entire life.

i’ve never been a big fan of robots but this movie captivated me. like, seriously. makes me want to dig out the transformer toys that i used to have.

the effects are out of this world i tell you. the way the bots transform themselves back and forth from cars to robots and vice versa, left my mouth gaping wide enough to stuff a whole american size big-mac in.

despite its appearance, transformers is one movie that is not lacking of humor. their humor is even better than mr bean’s holiday lame antics. so just go watch it larh, if not you will regret it.

sheesh, i suck at writing reviews (if you can even consider this a review). lol.

anyway, my last words would be: this movie would leave u on the edge of your seat at all times. :D

the end.


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